We've had some really nice feedback since launching. Here are a few testimonials. As always - please feel free to connect with any feedback at hello@upperstategear.com



"As an adult with disabilities I was interested in the Upperstate pole since the beginning. I had a theory that the pole would help. But I wasn't sure. I haven't used a mobility assistance device in a long time. Well, I've had my pole for a couple weeks now and my dog and I on good weather days walk around seven miles a day. The pole helps greatly with stability on flat and uneven ground. The ability to adjust height needs on demand is an awesome ability. I can tell that I am more stable and balanced than I was before I had the pole. It's a great product and I am very grateful it was developed. It's increased my confidence and security when I am out and about with my service dog Cash. We are both very excited to have it."

- Ted, Minnesota


"The people that built this walking stick that’s adjustable and also very sturdy did a great job nice features probably in the future I will be getting another one so I can leave it in the car you won’t be disappointed."

- Rick, Texas


“I love my Upperstate pole. The ability to change its length with a quick push of a button using my thumb is a game changer. I had to get two of them and use them all the time on long walks and hikes. I cannot wait to see what Upperstate Mobility comes out with next!”

- Stephen, California