We've had some really nice feedback since launching. Here are a few testimonials. As always - please feel free to connect with any feedback at: hello@upperstategear.com



"Thank you so much for my cane. I get compliments all the time on how cool, stylish and sturdy it is. I am your in field tester and fan!"

- Moses, Virginia


"As an adult with disabilities I was interested in the Upperstate pole since the beginning. I had a theory that the pole would help. But I wasn't sure. I haven't used a mobility assistance device in a long time. Well, I've had my pole for a couple weeks now and my dog and I on good weather days walk around seven miles a day. The pole helps greatly with stability on flat and uneven ground. The ability to adjust height needs on demand is an awesome ability. I can tell that I am more stable and balanced than I was before I had the pole. It's a great product and I am very grateful it was developed. It's increased my confidence and security when I am out and about with my service dog Cash. We are both very excited to have it."

- Ted, Minnesota


"Good Morning, I’ve had your walking stick for well over a year now and I have to tell you that it’s a game changer. I am a Disabled Veteran and hated using a cane but your pole with it being able to be adjusted at a touch of a button really helps if I’m sitting or laying on the floor it helps me be able to get up and thank you for the Veterans discount! Not to many companies think of us\. Have a great weekend."

- Jose, New York


"The people that built this walking stick that’s adjustable and also very sturdy did a great job nice features probably in the future I will be getting another one so I can leave it in the car you won’t be disappointed."

- Rick, Texas


“I love my Upperstate pole. The ability to change its length with a quick push of a button using my thumb is a game changer. I had to get two of them and use them all the time on long walks and hikes. I cannot wait to see what Upperstate comes out with next!”

- Stephen, California


"I ordered a pair of your hiking poles a few months ago with the intention of using them to help me explore some of the socially distanced terrains around our new home in San Diego (and during a long-planned family trip to Hawaii in August). Instead, after tearing the ACL and MCL and the meniscus in my left knee in July, these sturdy poles became a godsend in lieu of crutches. They have provided stability and balance and helped me navigate two islands of Hawaii with minimal assistance. They were invaluable to me while traipsing through a rain forest, venturing to inland streams and waterfalls and (slowly) making my way to the highest point of the Mount Killueua caldera. As I await a decision on possible knee-replacement surgery, at least I have been able to remain relatively active — as planned — thanks to my decision to purchase your product."

- Kenneth, California