Common Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Upperstate pole. If you don't see a specific question answered on here please let us know at:


What is the shortest height the pole will compress?

3' 1" end to end.


What is the tallest height the pole will extend?

4' 9" end to end.


How much weight can the Upperstate pole sustain?

In testing the pole withstood a bit over 300 lbs of static load.


What is the material of the two main telescopic tubes?



How much does a single pole weigh?

Just under 2 lbs (about 1 lb 14 oz)


What powers the height adjustment?

The height adjustment mechanism is spring powered.


How is the height adjustment locked into place?

When a desired height of the pole is reached - upon releasing the button in the handle, an aluminum/zinc pin is set within a height increment hole.


How many height adjustment increments are there?

There are 21 height adjustments at 1" increments.